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Owner: Vasiliy Khomyak
Cell: (413) 777-6683
E-mail: VkProFloors@gmail.com
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Job Objective:
To secure the position of Tile & Marble Installer with company in which my skills can enhance business by helping to build a good dependable reputation.
I Consider myself as an Artist when it comes to Tile & Marble Installs.

Service Area:
West-south Massachusetts, Middle-South Massachusetts, South Connecticut

Highlights of Qualifications:

Professional experience with installation of all kinds of ceramic tiles
Outstanding knowledge of all ceramic tiles and their specifications
Ability to understand the ideas that are presented in writing
Ability to work for long hours and lift heavy objects
Ability to lift, push, pull, and carry objects
Ability to install all kinds of tiles and use analytical skills while doing so
Ability to install mud jobs slopes for commercial & Residential projects

Professional Experience:

Tile & Marble Installer since, Year 2000 – 2014

Installed various tiles on the floors, walls and ceilings such as marble, wood tiles and hard tiles.
Regulated the alignment of tiles by using various instruments such as laser square and straight edges.
Designed the best layout possible with the given tiles.
Modified the tiles to fit into corners and other areas that cannot fit a full tile with the help of the hand and power tools.
Provided finishing to the surface by wiping out the excess group from the tiles.
Have Work Van ,Wet Saw , Diamond Blades, and every tool for doing best quality tile & Marble jobs.
Level floors or any un-level area.
Any Custom Showers or any Custom Commercial work or Residential
Waterproof with any top quality waterproofing system

Estimated the floor area to be covered with tiles, with the help of the blueprints of the area.
Maintained working relations with the trade to facilitate work.
Installed all kinds of tiles such as granite, marble, mosaic sheets , stone tiles, slate, querry tile, travertine and alot more.
Performed the installation work for various spaces in the house or office area such as kitchen, bath, main floor and any other required area.
Install Radiant Heat floors under tile with Thermostat controller for any temperature desired
Install Hardi Backard, Ditra, Cement board, Shlutter system and much more
Demo & Repair and re-Grout
Fix Leaks
Remove old flooring and install best underlayment for tile or marble tiles

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High School Diploma, Commerce High School Springfield, MA
Professional Tile & Marble installer , Mud jobs slopes
OSHA – 10 Certified